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Welcome to JM Enterprises, The Nation's biggest Acrylic manufacturers..

Thank you for visiting & shopping with us! JM Enterprises is ready to satisfy all your smoke shop needs. We are a wholesale distributor of variety of smoking glass pipes and accessories. Due to our firm determination over quality, affordability and client service, we have kept market dominance in California for several years. JM Enterprises provides true VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. We wish to make this experience as easy as possible! Please do not hesitate to call us for any assistance with your order! .

Our growth and success is a direct result of our team, which is as diverse as our product offerings. We take pride in the diversity of our team that is built without regard to race, religion, age, sexual orientation, and other beliefs. Our team's experiences vary greatly as well; our members have been former business owners, earned MBAs, managed scientific glass laboratories, served in the military, and much more. The strength of our diversity is complimented by our shared commitment to always put the customer first..

When you purchase from JM Enterprises, we guarantee your satisfaction by providing honest and excellent service to everyone customer. We are committed to provide outstanding service and quality merchandise to our wholesale customers. Our procurement team works diligently with hundreds of partners around the world to bring you thousands of innovative and quality products at price points that enable our clients to maximize their profits. They also search tirelessly for the best raw materials so our glass-blowing artists can combine their talent with quality to bring you only the best glass products in our industry. Whether you are looking for products for your retail operations, we offer what you need to be successful and stand out from your competition